Alexa vs World University rankings


I was looking at Alexa’s Traffic Rank and how it allows you to compare websites. This got me thinking that evaluating a URL is a bit like evaluating an university or a college. You can compare its popularity, reference, credibility, incoming links, or measure its relative importance, influence, citations, etc. So I decided to compare Alexa’s Traffic Rank to the 9 university rankings I had compiled. Using the Top 100 universities, you can see that Alexa’s traffic rank is actually quite accurate in predicting the overall rank…

On the graph, you can distinguish 3 colors:

The orange circle is the Alexa ranking sorted with a given value of 1 to 100 The green diamond is the LISTedTECH ranking. This is the average of the 9 World University rankings. Red vertical line is the average of all rankings; 9 World University rankings, LISTedTECH rank and Alexa`s Traffic Rank. What do you think?