Who implements ePortfolios?

An electronic portfolio (also called eportfolio, e-portfolio, digital portfolio, or online portfolio) is a collection of electronic documents assembled and managed by a user. At LISTedTECH, we just started to follow e-Portfolios. Today, we present you with some interesting data about this new group of systems.

We divided institutions by enrollment size in order to create four groups of almost equal proportions:

  • 1-899

  • 900-3,999

  • 4,000-13,999

  • 14,000+

The orange line shows that if we take all the institutions using ePortfolios and split them up using the same grouping, we note that institutions of larger size have more active ePortfolio systems. Why is that? Well, several ePortfolio systems are free, open source or even built-into the learning management systems. Therefore, it might not a question of price or accessibility. What are your interpretations?

E-Portfolio in HigherEd

E-Portfolio in HigherEd