Student Informations Systems by Degree Type

In the past, we look at how enrollment size could be a good indicator of the Student Informations Systems products used. This week’s graph is about SIS and degree types.

We have separated degree types into three main categories: 

  • 4-year or above; 

  • 2-year; 

  • Less than 2 years (includes Further education and Sixth form colleges)

As you can see, the bulk of products is for the 4-year since that's also the bulk of the clients. 

  • Some companies/products are mostly concentrated on 4-year or above: UniPak, SAP, NS Solutions, Elentra, Apogee, Ladok, Blackbaud, TechnologyOne, PowerCAMPUS

  • Other companies/products  are concentrated in the 2-year: Alliant Data Systems and Lumens

  • Less than two year companies/products : PowerSchool and Diamond SIS

  • The other company/products have a more "balanced portfolio", meaning that they have a considerable number of clients in all three groups. The two companies with the most  "balanced portfolio" are Campus Management and Sonisweb.

Degree type is a good indicator of product selection but not as good an indicator as total enrollment size.

Student Informations Systems by Degree Type.png

A few notes on the data:

  • We included the primary and secondary systems. An example of secondary SIS is Lumens systems. It is not usually the main SIS but rather focused on non-credit student’s enrollment. 

  • Smaller products (based on the number of clients we have in our DB) have been excluded from this post.

  • The graph is based on over 4500 active implementations for whom we know the degree type.

  • Some of these products are primarily used outside of North America and reflective of the types of degrees offered in those regions (examples include Apogeee, Ebs4 & SITS, Ladok, NS Solution, TechnologyOne, … etc.) 

The products/companies in the graph are: Agresso, CAMS & Unit4, Alliant Data Systems, Apogee, Banner, Blackbaud, CAMPUS SQUARE, Campus Management, Colleague, Diamond SIS, EMPOWER, Ebs4 & SITS, Elentra, Jenzabar, Ladok, Lumens, Oracle, Populi, PowerCampus, PowerSchool, SAP, SonisWeb, TechnologyOne, UniPak, Workday.