I thought MOOCs were dead!

I had a discussion this week with a friend who was telling me that he just finished a MOOC ... got me thinking "Aren’t MOOC's supposed to be dead?"

So, I looked at our data to see what was happening. We don't have the number of courses or the number of students, but we do have the number of participating higher education institutions.

Massive open online course - MOOC.png

If we look at the number of decommissions -institutions that have stopped using one of the MOOC platforms, we see that the majority of decommissions are in the early days. 

MOOCs decomissions.png

Using this data, we can clearly see the rapid rise of the participating institutions until 2016. Since then, we see a flattening, not a crash. As stated in the University Affairs article "MOOCs are not dead, but evolving" into a sustainable platform.