Higher Education ERP-SIS Implementation Companies

  In our last post on ERP implementations times, we talked about how we have recently started to capture information on the implementation partners who help higher education institutions implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Student Information Systems (SIS).

Not all companies use implementation partners. Many have their own implementation teams. We will look at companies that have helped implement Oracle's PeopleSoft system and Workday systems.  As many of you know, Workday was founded by former Peoplesoft CEO so it's not surprising that they have some of the same business views.

For the purpose of this post:

  • We will define implementation companies as a company that helps implement a new system. So this will exclude system upgrades and system add-ons.

  • The implementations represented are only from North America.

  • We only look at the implementation in the last 10 years.

  • We have the implementation partners data for about 50% of the total 800 new implementations.

In the first graph, you can see the implementation partners by the number of implementations; most of the same companies do both Oracle and Workday implementations.


In the second graph, you can see the old system, the implementation partners, as well as the new system now in place.