CRM Market Share (HigherEd)

We have been tracking Customer Relationship Management systems data for several years, but we have yet to discover a standardized definition of a CRM. Basically, a CRM used in the highered field may have various definitions on the part of the institutions, customers and vendors. It can support general communications, assist with recruitment, retention, and even finance. It could also support booking events, give you dashboards for prospects or even be the central alumni database. One of the key attributes of a CRM is that it cuts across traditional functional areas.

Because of this complexity, we have worked with our clients to report on their specific needs and have been careful about broader public reporting.

With the recent news about Salesforce creating an education vertical as well as associated questions raised in news articles, it seems we should share our data more broadly. Accordingly, we have grouped the CRMs into three major groups:

  • Admission/Recruitment

  • Advancement/Fundraising

  • General

For simplicity's sake, we show market adoption for North America and Europe below based on the CRM vendor (not the different CRM products). Only the vendors with over 10% market share appear in the different groups.

Top CRM Vendors by Market Subcategories.png

We welcome your feedback and questions to help us better describe the product categories over time.