LISTedTECH – This Week in Review reflects our company philosophies: we do our best to keep it intelligent and informative, accurate, interesting, useful to our consultants and clients as well as attempting to show the major trends in the marketplace. Because we confine our stories to just a few per week, busy news weeks may force us to leave out stories that would otherwise be included. We also try to make This Week in Review representative of the diversity of products that are used in HigherEd, working to include stories from different countries, institution types and institution sizes (among other factors).

It is important to note that LISTedTECH – This Week in Review is a news aggregation service and not a source of independent journalism. As such, we are only responsible for reporting what other sources are already reporting. We will often weight stories more heavily if they have been covered by a major news source as opposed to only appearing in an institution’s press release or campus newspaper. If you believe that we have misrepresented the message of an article we have covered, please let us know and we will review our coverage to see if it warrants a correction. If you are disputing the accuracy of the original source we are covering, you will need to contact that source about your concerns. If you or your institution publishes an official response to one of our sources, we will likely print your response as a Postscript at the bottom of our This Week in Review. We ask, however, that you ensure that your response includes an online link to an official statement.

Below are the products we cover in This Week in Review:

  • Learning Management Systems – LMS

  • Customer Relationship Management – CRM

  • Financial Systems – ERP

  • Human Resource Systems – HR

  • Student Information Systems – SIS

  • Business Intelligence – BI

  • Email

  • Grant

  • Financial Aid

  • Online Program Management – OPM

  • Career-readiness solutions

  • Adaptive learning platforms

  • ePortfolios

  • Competency Based Platforms – CBE

  • Learning analytics

  • Student support and retention solutions

LISTedTECH – This Week in Review ignores news that is not product-related.

Generally, we strive to avoid repeating stories unless something truly significant makes it news again. We also avoid name-dropping and self-serving announcements by companies that serve promotional purposes.

LISTedTECH’s editorial team monitors newswires, regional, national and international news media, education blogs, institutional media releases, campus and student newspapers. Generally, we try to find reliable sources to corroborate stories in student media or online blog postings, particularly where stories appear sensational or libelous, but LISTedTECH Inc. assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of stories written by other journalists. We attempt to provide balanced coverage when stories involve multiple institutions, or when there are two sides to a political or labour relations story. We make every effort to attribute quotes accurately and include links to source stories. Items without a web page we can use as reference are sometimes not included in This Week in Review.