This Week in Review – Dec. 4th to Dec. 10th

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Six Degrees of Separation (HigherEd Systems Edition) and the CRMs

The graph below is... chaotic to say the least! What I was hoping for, initially, was to illustrate how systems are linked to each other. I started with six major product categories: emails, LMS, SIS, CRM, Financial, and HR. I wanted to see how products in these categories were linked to other products -i.e. if an institution has Google Mail, does it most likely chooses blackboard as an LMS and so on.

By looking at the graph, I instantly got sidetracked by the CRM column (4th in orange). Even if I tried to limit the number of system for each column and only show a few by category, the CRM column showed how institutions use several CRMs at the same time.

Source: LISTedTECH

Cloud Platform

Nutanix Boosts Operational Efficiency for College of Business, City University of Hong Kong

Nutanix, a leader in enterprise cloud computing, today announced that City University of Hong Kong’s College of Business has boosted operational efficiency since July 2016, as a result of the deployment of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform.

“Nutanix was an ideal solution because it addressed all the challenges unique to an educational institution while cutting down our IT costs and boosting efficiency. Previously, we had a legacy multi-tier VDI server infrastructure comprising solutions from multiple vendors. This included a total of 17 rack units of blade servers, storage systems and fibre-channel SAN switches. All that has been whittled down to just two rack units of Nutanix that handle computing and storage, thus freeing up over 70 percent of the rack space we previously used. One year in, we’ve seen very positive results which have benefitted both our staff and students,” said Mr. Adams CHAN, Senior Manager, City University Hong Kong.

Source: Business Wire

Financial Aid

MSU Launches Scholarship and Endowment System with Pilot Units

Michigan State University has licensed and launched AcademicWorks as a complete scholarship and endowment management solution for the university.

Moving to an enterprise tool for all scholarships and endowments will help MSU keep up with growth, maintain data at a university level and track analytics to aid in decision making.

“As student debt grows rapidly, not having a streamlined process for scholarship location and administration puts the burden on our students and many are missing out on valuable scholarships each year because of our fragmented process,” said Ryan Rademacher, assistant director of scholarship administration and stewardship for the Office of Financial Aid.

Source: MSU Today


NC State Moves Closer to Selecting eRA System

NC State is close to selecting a vendor for a new electronic research administration (eRA) system that will help faculty and staff navigate the twists and turns of managing a research project. But first university officials want to take two of the competing systems for a test drive.

Marc Hoit, NC State chief information officer and vice chancellor for information technology, says the additional assessment will give affected staff an opportunity to see how the systems could be set up and configured in real time to meet the needs of researchers.

“We’re asking vendors to come on site and build functionality within the system while we look over their shoulder,” he says. “We’d like to see what it would take to modify the product to meet our specific needs.”

Source: NC State University

Learning Management Systems

Xavier University of Louisiana Joins Growing Wave of Brightspace Adoptions in North America

D2L, the global learning technology leader, today announces that Xavier University of Louisiana (XULA) has chosen its Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS) to modernize learning for their diverse teaching and learning environment. XULA leadership selected Brightspace over Instructure's Canvas and Blackboard Learn, because it's highly secure, easy to use, flexible and smart.

"We are in the midst of a digital transformation and our students expect we can provide them with the most modern tools available," said Tony Moore, Vice President, Office of Technology Administration, Xavier University of Louisiana. "D2L's leadership team understands that we require more than just a piece of software, but a partner who will work closely with us to realize our vision."

Source: Marketwired | SYS-CON Media | D2L

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