This Week in Review – March 19th to March 25th


LMS Notifications

In this post, we will look at students expressing feelings about all the LMS notification they receive. I general, students are mostly unhappy about the volume of notifications. But, in opposition, they hate to wait for the initial notification once they register for the course and also hate to wait to get the notification giving them a grade.

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McGraw-Hill Education and Unizin to Make Affordable Digital Learning Materials Available to 25 Universities and Nearly 1 Million Students

Learning science company McGraw-Hill Education has announced a new agreement with Unizin, Ltd. ("Unizin") to provide its 25 member universities with affordable, high-value, digital learning materials through an Inclusive Access model – automatically giving students easy access to materials on the first day of class. The non-profit Unizin consortium serves nearly 1 million students and is dedicated to improving teaching and learning environments with digital technology.

"We share a commitment with McGraw-Hill Education to improve the learning experience while making course materials more accessible and affordable," said Brad Wheeler, Unizin board member and Indiana University Vice President for IT. "This agreement is a breakthrough and new standard for reducing the cost of attendance while ensuring that every student has the essential course materials for the first day of class."

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Business Intelligence - Ithaca College

Ithaca College Enters Analytics Partnership with HelioCampus to Improve the Student Experience

HelioCampus, a technology-enabled services company that combines technology with ongoing data science services, has partnered with Ithaca College to reveal insights into the connections between curricular, co-curricular and student life variables and understand their impact on the student experience.

After a year of planning and evaluating possible vendor options, the Ithaca team selected HelioCampus to support a three-year analytics initiative that includes a foundational data infrastructure, data visualization and data science services. "They know the higher-education issues today’s institutions face – in and out,” said Chief Analytics Officer Dr. Yuko Mulugetta, who oversees the Office of Analytics and Institutional Research at Ithaca. “They are willing to share their knowledge with us – and we have become their resource, as well. It’s really a shared investment in a mutual partnership,” said Mulugetta. Starting with a well-integrated data warehouse, HelioCampus will help Ithaca deliver on their vision, while also supporting their existing data governance structure and predictive analytics initiatives.

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Learning Platform - Galen College of Nursing

OnSomble and Galen Center for Professional Development (GCPD) Partner to Enrich Individualized Learning Solutions that Improve Patient Outcomes and Quality Care

OnSomble equips healthcare organizations with data-driven, individualized learning platforms to develop and empower their teams. OnSomble's core platform, OnRole(TM), applies adaptive algorithms to discern competency levels that generate individual and organizational development analytics. GCPD's Nurse Development Resources® (NDR) are now hosted within the OnRole(TM) Platform, providing high-quality and interactive e-learning modules that are mapped to OnSomble's Professional Role Competencies. The curriculum is constantly updated to only include relevant content that focuses on evidence-based practices associated with national patient safety goals, best practices, quality measures, and patient experience and satisfaction.

"The OnRole(TM) virtual learning platform is a cohesive companion to our interactive e-learning modules. Mapping our evidence-based content to OnSomble's Professional Role Competencies enriches our mutual endeavor to provide leading edge tools that assist in improving patient outcomes and quality care through the application of the latest evidence based practices," stated Bobbi Martin, Executive Director at Galen Center for Professional Development.


Textbooks - Stony Brook University

Follett Contracts with Stony Brook University to Operate Virtual Bookstore and Campus Stores

Follett Higher Education has entered into an agreement with Stony Brook University to manage its three campus stores and virtual bookstore for affordable course material options effective March 19, 2018.

Through Follett's cutting-edge retail innovation strategies, the Stony Brook University community can look forward to a campus store environment that fosters collaboration, cool events and community initiatives.

Source: Cision PR Newswire