This Week In Review – June 3rd to June 9th

Financial System - University of Worcester

The University of Worcester Moves to Oracle ERP Cloud

As one of UK’s fastest growing universities in recent times, the University of Worcester has decided to move its finance functions to the Oracle Entreprise Resource Planning Cloud in an effort to support its wider growth. Oracle’s solutions will allow the finance team to increase productivity while offering the agility needed to outperform in an evolving higher education landscape.

“A cornerstone of [our] commitment [to support growth and innovation] is having robust IT systems that help us work in smarter and faster ways. Moving to the cloud will allow us to do this, and ultimately help us to continue to grow as an organisation,” says Paul Guest, principal project manager, University of Worcester.

Source: Education Technology

Learning Management System - Texas State University

Texas State Switches from TRACS to Canvas

On May 22nd, Texas State announced the replacement of TRACS with Canvas, an LMS which will help the institution create a robust digital learning environment.

After two years of vetting other systems, the advisor committee’s lead Kevin Huffaker says “[…] the process allowed us to learn first-hand which (system) offered the best combination of features and capabilities that met the specific needs of our Bobcats.”

Source: The University Star

Online Program Management - University of Montana

University of Montana Selects Wiley Education Services to Expand Online Offerings

Wiley Education Services was selected by the University of Montana as the company which will help it grow their distance learners. Even though many faculty and staff on campus already run programs online, Wiley will help the university ramp up more quickly since it has the necessary investments including marketing, recruitment and course development. 

Sources: Missoulian | Miami Herald | U.S. News

Retention Management - Cape Fear Community College

Cape Fear Community College Selects Aviso Retention as Their Student Success Partner

In order to provide an improved experience for students as well as help staff identify students at risk, Cape Fear Community College chose to partner with Aviso Retention.

Through the Aviso Engage platform, Cape Fear will be able to customize reports and assessment to their specific needs. “Aviso Retention supports Cape Fear’s long-term vision of student success by providing a more holistic approach to persistence,” said Mary Elizabeth McIntosh, Project Director for Title III Grant at Cape Fear.

Source: Aviso News