This Week In Review – June 10th to June 16th


Q&A on System Implementation Trends in Canadian Institution

Last week's blog post generated some questions about our data and we have decided to address them in this week's post.

We got several questions about the percentages in the second graph. These percentages have no relationship with the number of institutions. We simply took all the active systems in each product category and divided them by implementation year groups. In case you wanted to know how many institutions we have in our database for each product category, we created a small graph:

Distribution Impl Yr v2 - Canada.png

How do we get our data?

We find our data in public sources and we are proud to say that we do not use surveys to avoid biased data. We gather the information from news sources, social media and websites. While browsing the different information sources, we flag potential data to be added to the database and then we manually validate and compile the information to help us better understand the different markets.

How do we define our categories?

We created our product categories based on research but also on discussions with companies and field experts for each big category. Our database currently includes over 50 product categories. Our intention is to include all product categories used in education. 

What institutions do we track?

Our database contains about 34,000 HigherEd institutions from around the world and just over 20,000 K-12 school boards in Canada and the USA. For the Canadian dataset, we track over 400 universities, colleges and cégeps. We also have over 260 K-12 school boards.

Our Canadian dataset contains over 350 HigherEd institutions. We also have over 200 school boards that we did not include in the graphs below.

Can universities, colleges or businesses get access to the information?

Our data is available to our subscribers through dashboards that are updated daily.

Source: LISTedTECH


Salesforce is Buying Data Visualization Company Tableau for $15.7B in All-Stock Deal

In an all-stock deal, Salesforce is buying Tableau in an effort help enterprises make sense of the sea of data that they use and amass.

The two boards have already approved the deal and the management teams are working together to iron out the details. This is a huge deal for Salesforce as the company strives to go beyond CRM software.

Source: TechCrunch, Fortune, CIO

Customer Relationship Management - Dublin City University

Fast-growing Dublin City University turns to Unit4 Prevero to support strategic excellence

Unit4 Prevero is the right fit for Dublin City University, a growing university of enterprise in Ireland who is trying to achieve three key aims in regards to their operational processes. Unit4 Prevero will not only offer a robust roadmap for technology advancements for the university, but it will also be decentralized allowing administrators outside the finance department to reap its benefits.

Source: Unit4 News

Textbooks - Morgan State University

Morgan State University Partners With panOpen to Deliver Next Generation Open Educational Resources

Morgan State University and panOpen have just announced a partnership which will allow faculty across the university to easily and quickly adopt open content while also having the ability to collaborate cross-institutionally by subject area.

“By drawing on the disciplinary expertise here at Morgan and elsewhere, and powerful learning technologies specifically designed to support OER collaboration, we seek to lower costs, improve outcomes for our students, and better prepare them for their post-graduate professional lives,” noted Dr. Solomon Alao, MSU’s, Assistant Vice President of Assessment and Operations.

Source: Cision PRWeb