This Week in Review – August 20th to August 26th


Saint Louis U Students Rooming with Alexa

Saint Louis University students will be greeted by Alexa when entering their new dorm rooms or apartments. Amazon Alexa-enabled devices will be answering all their questions from how late the library is open to where the registrar's office is located.

Source: Campus Technology

Content Management System - Nipissing University

New Website Management System at NU

Since late 2017, web developers at the University have been working with an external firm to develop a new website, moving from the current Sharepoint system to the more accessible Drupal content management system.

The Drupal system provides significant benefit to website editors in terms of structuring, formatting and managing content.

Source: Nipissing University NewsE

Email - Auburn University

Auburn Students Will Get Adobe Creative Cloud for Free

The Creative Cloud family of applications which includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, among more than a dozen others will be offered, free of charge, to all Auburn University students through a special partnership between the university and Adobe.

"It's the standard creative tool in journalism, communications, marketing and even business has a lot of footprint with it," says Kevin Watson, the information technology manager in the Provost's Office. "Once you add all of that up, you realize the community is spending a great amount on it."

Source: The Auburn Plainsman

Library Information Services - University of Denver

University of Denver Joins Ex Libris Esploro Early Adopter Program

The University of Denver has decided to become an early adopter of the Ex Libris Esploro research services solution which will facilitate the capture, management, and dissemination of the university’s research output and data across all disciplines.

Esploro will boost the visibility of the university’s scholarly work and improve the way in which faculty profiles appear on the web.

Source: Ex Libris Group

Learning Management System - Washington University in St. Louis

University Phases Out Blackboard, Introduces Canvas

Canvas will be used as an alternative for Blackboard to professors of Washington University this fall.

After students and faculty members had expressed frustration with their current LMS Blackboard, a review committee organized an evaluation program where over 50 faculty members tested out two new systems: Canvas and Schoology. The resulted feedback “was overwhelmingly positive in favor of Canvas.”

Source: Student Life

Online Program Management - University of California Davis, Pepperdine University and University College London

New Online MBAs With 2U

Three new universities are partnering up with 2U to offer an online MBA which increases the number on online MBAs on 2U technology to ten. These programs are among the high-priced study programs in the online sector.

So far 2U cooperated with online MBAs only with US schools. University College London is the first program in Europe.

Source: MBA Journal

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