This Week in Review – April 1st to April 7th


Christensen Scorecard: Data Visualization of US Postsecondary Institution Closures and Mergers

In 2013, Harvard Business professor Clayton Christensen made a bold prediction based on his ubiquitous innovation theory that maybe half of all postsecondary institutions could close within 10 to 15 years.

There have been plenty of articles written about these claims, but it has been frustrating that very few back up their analysis with data.

Thanks to our partners with our LMS Market Analysis service, LISTedTECH, we can now provide data visualizations to better evaluate the validity or likelihood of these claims. For the first time that I'm aware of, we have visualizations showing combined closures and mergers over time, broken down by sector and degree-type, and showing data 2-3 years in advance of IPEDS publications.

Source: LISTedTECH

CRM/BI - Ellucian Colleague - Chaffey College

Chaffey College Moves to the Cloud with Ellucian Colleague

Ellucian announced today that Chaffey College has chosen to move to the cloud with Ellucian Colleague and will be implementing Ellucian CRM Advise and Ellucian Analytics.

In addition to meeting availability and security needs, Ellucian Colleague cloud applications offer Chaffey a variety of options and customizations, moving their IT from a reactive to a proactive state.

Through CRM Advise, faculty and staff will gain visibility into student performance and access to functionality that can help increase student engagement, retention and completion rates. Ellucian Analytics will allow the college to measure and assess progression toward degree completion and drive strategic decision making.

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Enterprise Resource Planning - UNIFRANZ University of Bolivia

UNIFRANZ University of Bolivia Implements UNIT4 Business World ERP to Achieve Academic Excellence

The goal of UNIFRANZ is student success. To achieve this objective, it has deployed a strategic innovation model, which now includes UNIT4 Business World ERP software.

Among the main benefits that will be achieved with the new ERP system is the reduction of time devoted to repetitive administrative tasks, the greater availability of time for staff to perform tasks and improvement in the information available for decision making.

Source: GCON4

Online Program Management - Salve Regina University

Salve Regina University Takes Aim at Nursing Shortage through Unique Partnership

Salve Regina University announced the selection of iDesign to provide instructional design, marketing and retention services to develop an online RN-BSN program. Offered at a fraction of the cost, the new online program will provide registered nurses with one of the most affordable and convenient options for obtaining their bachelor's degrees. Salve Regina's online program comes at a critical time, as employers, state governments and associations alike are urging nurses to obtain a bachelor's degree to better manage an increasingly complex healthcare system. 

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Portals - University of Alaska

AcademyOne and the University of Alaska Partner to Improve Life Outcomes Through Education

AcademyOne and the University of Alaska are pleased to announce the launch of the My Future Alaska gateway where students will easily find and explore information about their courses, programs, and services.

The portal will provide a one-stop destination focused on guiding students to degree or certificate completion which is in line with the UA Strategic Pathways’ objective to maximize value through excellent, accessible, and cost-effective higher education.

Source: Cision PR Newswire

Justin Menard