The relationship between Help Desk and Project Management

For this week’s post, we decided to observe the relationship between Help Desk products and Project Management tools. There are several reasons to link these two types of systems:

  1. To avoid information loss. Since most user requests are not resolved at the time of the request, they need to be transferred to another team that will act on the situation. Entering manual data increases the risk of delaying the resolution of the problem.

  2. To reduce the distance between developers and customers. When a developer has access to the exact comment/request of said customer, this improves the understanding of the request and accelerate its resolution.

  3. To accelerate action on bugs. When a bug/error is discovered on one system, having it entered in the help desk system speeds up its assignment to the right team/developer.

 As a side note, we did not track these two products for several years and therefore we don’t have the same amount of tracked implementations as LMS, SIS, CRM, email systems, etc. At the time of the production of this graphic (August 2019), we have a little over 900 institutions.

We wanted to know if many companies are present in both categories. The answer is yes! TeamDynamix, Cherwell and Zoho are often used as a Help Desk (HD) product but less so as a Project Management (PM) tool. Atlassian, ServiceNow and Microsoft are in a different category since they are used as a PM tool and as HD product. Also, we can note that homegrown systems are still used in both product categories.

It will be interesting to track which product(s) will be selected when the homegrown systems is decommissioned.

Data note: as we wanted to portrait the biggest players in the two categories, we only included products with at least five institutions using them.

Help_desk and Portfolio_project.png